Song: "How can I fear?" (Songbook 'Einklang', No. 351)

A friend couple sent me this song recorded by them yesterday morning. And we (Dietlind, Priscilla and I) were singing in the afternoon and recorded it as well to share with another couple; the man and brother in Christ is suffering by the same disease since a few years and he is not really well. They were quite encouraged by it. I hope it encourages you as well!

Source & Copyright: EINKLANG Nr. 351; T / M: Ron Hamilton (1984), d: Eldon Matthia
e: How Can I Fear? © 1984 Majesty Music, Inc.; CCLI song number 1833


When shadows fall and the night covers all there are things that my eyes cannot see;
I’ll never fear for the Savior is near My Lord abides with me.


How can I fear? Jesus is near! He ever watches over me.
Worries all cease, He gives me peace; How can I fear with Jesus!


When I’m alone and I face the unknown and I fear what the future may be,
I can depend on the strength of my friend, He walks along with me.


Jesus is King, He controls ev’rything, He is with me each night and each day.
I trust my soul to the Savior’s control, He drives all fear away.