May 1, 2021: 4. Circular Letter to Family and Friends

„You have given him his heart’s desire, And have not withheld the request of his lips. Selah. For You meet him with the blessings of goodness; You set a crown of pure gold upon his head. He asked life from You, and You gave it to him—Length of days forever and ever. His glory is great in Your salvation; Honor and majesty You have placed upon him."
King David
Psalm 21,2-5

Rafz, Saturday, 1. Mai 2021

Dear family, friends and brothers and sisters,

It is Saturday, and now I am already a week back home. In these days I have read a series of Psalms once in the morning and discovered in them again glorious promises that comfort and strengthen me and Dietlind very much. Here are my notes on them:

  • Psalm 14: the fool claims there is no God. How blessed we are because we know exactly the opposite and it is a huge comfort for us to have met God personally, to know Him personally as Father. Because he has sought us and found us in Jesus!
  • Psalm 16: I seek refuge in him, there is no happiness for me except with him, he will make known to me the WAY OF LIFE, and share his fullness of joy and loveliness with me, looking at me and having his delight in the “saints who are on the earth”. THANK YOU Lord!!!
  • Psalm 19: God’s wonderful speaking in creation so powerfully described. Even far greater is the speaking in His Word of wisdom and truth, more life-giving even than the sun, and even brighter illuminating the eyes – what glorious truths we as Christians may see (1 Cor. 2: what has come into no man’s heart, what God has prepared for those who love Him!!). And his word endures forever – heaven and earth (and thus our sun) will pass away. His word remains in eternity – and what or who remains? The one who does the will of God, who submits to Him in reverence and takes care to be preserved from pride, who lets himself be cleansed from hidden sins, who restrains his lips and speaks only what really endures before God.
  • Psalm 21: The king rejoices in all that God has given him and done him good! His salvation, fulfilling desires: Blessings of good, crown of solid gold, and LIFE he requested from God, and HE gave it to him: “Length of days forever and ever!”

There remains also for me only: “We want to sing and sing psalms of your power” (Ps 21,14).

On Tuesday (and Wednesday) I got the last chemo of the 1st cycle. As before, thanks to the Lord, the side effects have not occurred, with minor exceptions. However, what happened in the first few days at home, an ear specialist on Tuesday afternoon referred to as a “mini” hearing loss; which just goes to show how my body is very stressed now. I feel the fatigue and need and am allowed to rest more often. My anemia levels are too low. Then the high doses of cortisone also led to two not so good nights. Spontaneously Dietlind and I were able to listen to and watch the Bible study on Thursday evening via livestream from home, and we were so overwhelmed to experience how we can be integrated into the real family of God. Our brothers and sisters in faith take part and suffer and feel with us in such a way that it moves our hearts. How richly we are blessed!

Our children are still taking good care of us; this week Anne and Joel are spending time with their grandchildren in our house in Tiengen. We can meet them regularly and enjoy them. For this weekend, Esther and Rohan have also come.

May I share with you some prayer requests?

  • For a good “break week” (next week I don’t have any therapy, the next appointment is May 11)
  • For further reduction of the back pain; the back is still quite tense and I am still far from normal mobility
  • That we take enough time to rest and also rest as a couple
  • That I am preserved from infections.

We send you our love and hugs in HIM!