Circular Letter – Feb. 2024 | The Disease Is Back

«Du bist gut und tust Gutes; lehre mich deine Satzungen!»

The last message you received from me in this way was in April 2022, almost 2 years ago. Unfortunately, there’s a less than pleasant reason why I’m writing to you again now.

Dear family and friends,

Dietlind and I are currently spending a few days resting. I’m taking this opportunity to update you again on my current status.

About a quarter of a year ago, at the beginning of November 2023, I found out at my monthly blood test in the oncology department that my illness had been making itself felt again since September 2023. Since then, the disease value has risen continuously month by month. Before that, it had remained at zero for almost 2 years; I had chemotherapy every 14 days during this whole time.

The news brought back – like a flashback – some memories of the day in April 2021 when we first found out about my illness. Basically, we knew that there would be a relapse at some point; however, we had “got used” to the situation and didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.

The last few weeks were and are therefore characterized by many questions, uncertainty and sometimes sadness. However, we also look back with gratitude on the long time in which I was well and the side effects of the therapy were only minor (which is not a matter of course).

The previous therapy, which was no longer effective, was stopped shortly before our vacation. The medical team has already suggested a new therapy plan with different medication, which will start intensively again in the first few months. This will probably start in April or May, and of course we are wondering how stressful it will be for me and whether the side effects will be bearable.

What priorities should we set for the time ahead? What important decisions need to be made and how can we make the best use of the time?

We ask you to continue to pray for us that the new therapy will be well-tolerated by me and, in particular, that it will be effective and push back the disease; above all, please pray that we will use the time that God gives us for His glory and serve Him in the process. We need wisdom to make good decisions for later, and comfort to trust God completely in suffering. We want to hold on to the fact that He is good and does good, and therefore has a good plan for us. He is Lord over every cell of our body; everything is possible for Him. But as the good shepherd, He also walks with us through suffering. Our goal should be to grow in our relationship with Him and to recognize Him more and more in His nature. Please pray for us that our faith will not cease even when sadness and fear seem to take over.

Thank you very much for your prayers; we look forward to receiving messages, inquiries and, of course, visits!

Greetings and love

«I know that You can do everything.»


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